Citrine & CZ Two-Piece Ring

This remarkably stunning two-piece Citrine ring simply exudes luxury, an incredible addition to any formal wear. From the sparkling Cubic Zirconia perfectly and precisely placed across both rows, to the glorious amber notes of the majestic Citrine as the centerpiece, you won't be able to keep yours or anyone else's eyes, or minds, off of this beauty. Absolutely anyone would be proud to receive and wear this stunning ring.

This beautiful ring is crafted of durable Sterling Silver, featuring Cubic Zirconia & a stunning genuine Citrine gemstone as the centerpiece.


Citrine is said to have many healing properties.

In an emotional sense, this stone is said to help its wearer strengthen their self-esteem. It’s also thought that Citrine stones can bring about a more positive and vibrant flow of energy in and around the body.

In a physical sense, Citrine’s healing properties include improving digestion and strengthening endurance. In ancient times, healers used these stones to purify the body of toxins, improve the circulation of blood and strengthen the immune system.

Cubic Zirconia:

It is believed by many that Cubic Zirconia can balance the mental and physical health of the wearer. It is also thought that wearing this gemstone will aid in connecting the wearer to angelic realms.