NFC Smart Ring With Zircon | 2 Colors

Our NFC Smart Ring is a sleek & fashionable wearable electronic product that can be connected to your Smartphone through NFC technology to initiate specific functions and data sharing. Designed thoughtfully with a high level of water resistance, and usable without any power supply. Featuring an NFC chip, this ring can only be connected to a Smartphone with an NFC function.

This beautiful piece is crafted of durable Apoxy, and polished Stainless steel, featuring a gleaming Zircon stone. Available in your choice of either Black or White.


There are many benefits of wearing Zircon, such as attracting abundance and prosperity to its wearer. It is also known to aid in healing abdominal health issues, and problems related to the reproductive system. Zircon is a popular gemstone to meditate upon.


To use, simply place your Smart Ring within the area of a Smartphone with an NFC function to perform a variety of actions: Screen unlocking, app lock unlocking, app launching, name cards, and URL information for sending and reading.  An excellent accessory for safe, touch-free usage of your Smartphone, whilst keeping you looking sleek and polished.

NFC Chip is embedded in the ring band underneath the letters NFC. Chip has 106kb/s data transmission and can store data for up to 10 years.



WEIGHT: 4.8g (Size 10)