Pyramid Onyx Square Cufflinks

Urban, sleek, and oh-so dapper. These cufflinks will have you looking poised and polished no matter the occasion. The perfect way to elevate your formal attire, these handsome beauties won't let you down. Boasting deep & mysterious Black Onyx ever so slightly jutting out in a Pyramid-cut, you'll have everything you need for your big night.

These distinctive cufflinks are crafted of durable Stainless steel, and are Silver plated, featuring Black Onyx.

Black Onyx:

Unofficially named "a tonic for the nerves", Black Onyx is full of great grounding energy, and is helpful in improving stability. Along with getting your nervous system in check, this deep, dark gem is also known to bring a boost to the immune system, improving your stamina and helping you get back on your feet, particularly after long periods of illness or fatigue.

When it comes to emotional healing, Black Onyx brings that same sense of grounding strength and vitality that it offers your physical body too. Getting rooted is one of the best ways to raise your self-confidence and to master the art of self-control.

CUFF LINKS SIZE: 0.5" x 0.5"