Pink Opal Cat Chain Bracelet

When you're in need of a little bit of sweetness, this adorable cat will be at the ready. Smooth & dreamy Pink Opal takes the form of a kitten's face, perfectly adorned at the chin with a luxurious golden bowtie, topped off with a charming golden tail, and sparkling Crystals to resemble fluffy fur.

This beautiful piece is crafted of durable Alloy, and is Rose Gold plated, featuring Crystal rhinestones & Pink Opal

Pink Opal:

Pink Opal is a very powerful crystal, especially when it comes into contact with one's heart. This stone is known to activate and unlock our heart chakra, and imbue one's aura with calming, tranquil vibrations. It's a perfect stone for someone to carry if they are struggling with any sadness, especially that of a broken heart.